The Best 5 Lounges to Grab a Drink in Delhi During Cash Crunch

When in Delhi, you are not in dearth of places where you can chill out with friends over a couple of drinks even at the end of the month when you have a cash crunch. There are many places that offer happy hours or other discount schemes so that grabbing a few drinks even in high-end places becomes a bargain deal.

Let us see 5 of the best places in Delhi where you can peacefully grab a drink without worrying about the bill.

  • Raftaar: Raftaar is very ideally located on the Club Road in Punjabi Bagh and people frequent it because of its comfortable and lovely ambience, sumptuous food and extensive drinks menu. The restaurant that is spread over three floors is based on a theme with each floor providing a completely different experience. A normal meal for two here costs anywhere around 1600 bucks, but if you pay by card you can get a good 15% discount on the bill making it very lucrative. This is the best lounge in Delhi during a cash crunch.

  • The Flying Saucer Café: This is a well-known place for providing high-quality beer with an ambience that is fun and relaxing. With incredible interiors, this lounge in Nehru Place also offers open-air seating. Enjoy your drinks with soothing music in the background and once you are through, enjoy a discount of 15% on the overall bill amount.

  • The Vault Café: Right in the heart of the city, this cafe offers multiple cuisines and lovely drinks selection in a splendid ambience. The options here are numerous and the place is ideal to relax over a couple of drinks. It is the perfect place to hang out with a bunch of friends especially if on a weekend you want to have something to boost up your evenings. The bill amount of around INR 1600 for two people can be drastically reduced by the various offers available here.

  • BED: BED here stands for Beverages, Entertainment, and Dining. The latest feather in the cap of the capital, it offers to rejuvenate and relax its patrons the moment they enter it. The classily curated décor, the extravagant ambience, the vast selection of drinks and the yummy food makes you forget all about the outside world and just engross in the hospitality of this fine-dining restaurant. You can throw your parties here and the place often comes up with one or the other good discount offer.

  • Kinbuck 2: Visit this place to satisfy your taste buds with some lip-smacking foods and a vast range of beverages in stylish and elegant interiors. Located right in the centre of the city, it has some signature drinks that are really popular with the patrons. This place in CP is called the first Roman bistro in the city as it is inspired by the Roman culture. Though it was opened only a few years back, it has gained popularity in the region owing to its signature statement that it leaves in every aspect.

There are many beautiful lounges in Delhi and to label, a particular one as the best lounge in Delhi is not an easy task.  Each one has its own USP and patronage and you need to try them to find the one that is best in your view.